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 Building Relationships with Medical Practices and Their Patients For Life!

Physician Focused Services

The AMC Family has a passion to make a radical change within the HealthCare Industry. We are devoted to making health insurance companies “Pay what they Say” as it pertains to their contracts with doctors and patients alike. AMC is a complete medical consulting firm that guarantees to increase your net revenue and lower your monthly expenses!


Professional Medical Billing Medical Coding Services
Electronic Medical Billing Services - Error Free Claims Processing 

Advanced Medical Consulting is a complete medical consulting firm in which provides complete Medical Billing and Coding Services. In addition the AMC family has experience, expertise and offers services in Financial Management, Business Operations, Business Coaching, Marketing, Branding, Medical Bookkeeping and Accounting, Payroll services, and Modern- day Technology and Innovation. 

AMC will analyze your current operations and design a customized plan for your practice and show you how the AMC Family can improve efficiency, organization, provide a sound business model and bottom line increase the net revenue of your medical practice. In addition the AMC family offers:

  • Complete Medical Billing Services
  • Medical Coding Services
  • A/R Management Recovery
  • Insurance Provider Enrollment and Credentialing
  • Patient Billing, Statement and Payment Collection 
  • Financial Management 
  • Business and Medical Practice Operations Analysis 
  • Business Planning and Coaching 
  • Marketing and Branding 
  • Medical Bookkeeping 
  • Fully Integrated Medical Accounting 
  • Payroll Services 
  • Modern-day Technology and Innovation  
  • Networking and Referral Partners and Services

AMC doesn’t charge by the hour, have an application or set up fee, and will never lock you into any long term contract. Our clients get to take advantage of our 60 Day Risk-Free Trial, in which AMC performs the set-up, customizes a business plan to reach your goals, supplies the practice with our electronic patient billing software, offers a free EMR and then implements our coding, billing, consulting and accounting services.  AMC guarantees to deliver superb results and add value to the medical practice. Our clients always have the security of our 100% Satisfaction Guarantee and if they feel we have not met up to the projected results, our clients have the right to terminate our contracts with no termination fee due.

AMC's experienced team of certified medical coders and billers, qualified business consultants, Specialized CPA’s and Licensed Financial Planners combined with our results-focused Client Agreement and Guarantee that hold AMC accountable month-in and month-out for the lifetime of our Relationship, with AMC’s unbelievable valuable programs and pricing structure we offer a service no ordinary billing company can compete with and no other one firm in the country offers! AMC will truly become your partner for life!

We are there to build a sound business model for a successful financial future. No matter how small your practice may be or how big your hospital is, Advanced Medical Consulting has the solutions for you! We treat every client like a “ V.I.P.” and have a qualified and professional team ready to deliver results!

The AMC Mission
Making Insurance Companies "Pay What They Say!"

Advanced Medical Consulting has a passion to make a radical change in the Health Care Industry and to set a new industry standard that our competition will aspire to be and doctors’ practices will desire to be a part of. AMC is devoted to and has made it our mission to making Health Insurance Companies “Pay what they Say”; as it pertains to their own contracts and policies with doctors and their patients alike. AMC will help alleviate physicians and their staff of the complicated and tedious tasks associated with running their practice and allow them more time for Medical and Patient Care. By doing this our clients will improve patient satisfaction, organization, efficiency and bottom-line, increase the revenue of the practice.

Please contact us today to set up your Free Consultation and Financial Analysis! AMC will show you how we can guarantee an increase in your net revenue and monthly cash flow within 90 days of AMC joining your practice. Whether you take advantage of our services or not, you will find this consultation beneficial and of value! But more importantly, that by having our family join yours, there is no out of pocket expense or financial risk to you or your practice!

Please take a moment to look through our site, see the services we provide, as well as meet our family members.